Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Favorite Chef

Most of the food I make I learned from my mom. I remember clearly the first thing she taught me to make on my own was scrambled eggs (with a dash of milk and salt & pepper). From a small age, wearing our mother/daughter matching aprons, to present day, I was always eager to help in the kitchen and learn from the Master herself.
My mother cooked a balanced meal every day of the week (except for an occasional pizza Friday) and never made the same thing 2 weeks in a row. There were no chicken nuggets or Lunchables in our house - only roast chicken, homemade tomato sauce, brie sandwiches (!), meatloaf, etc, etc.
Yet, sometimes its the littlest things that stick with you - little tips and tricks that you learn from Mom. I'll never be as good of a cook as my mom. Everything she makes just seems to taste so much better ! But I like to think there is a little piece of her in everything I whip together.
Like a simple grilled cheese sandwich made the way her mother made it with a little bit of mayo spread on the inside of the bread.

Or her famous Egg on Bread (which my nephew confirms that she makes better.)

Even her tuna fish salad tastes better (onion, celery and a dash of milk!) and always made in the same little bowl that my grandmother made it in.
There is something about Mom's cooking that soothes the soul and warms one's inner being. The recipes I've been documenting here are no doubt delicious, but its their passing from mother to daughter - from my grandmother, to my mother, to me - that makes them extra special.
Happy Mother's Day to My Favorite Chef !

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